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Choose a rose and then read God's promise in your life Many times we are going through difficult and very complicated situatio...

Pick a rose then read God's promise

Choose a rose and then read God's promise in your life

Many times we are going through difficult and very complicated situations in our lives that seem to have no solution for it. Still, in the worst case, we cannot forget God and his promises.

We can never forget God because He never forgets us. And in the moments when we most think we are alone, he is on our side. Because no matter what is going on in your life, at some point or another God fixes everything.

Which one do you choose?

To try to alleviate these difficult moments in their lives, this test was created. By choosing a rose, a promise from God will be revealed in your life. Have you chosen yours in the photo? So now click on the rosebud of your choice and read what was promised to you.

Rosa 1

The God who protects you is the same God who blesses you. God will generate transformation in your life, even if the moments are difficult, even if you doubt, even if the stage is in chaos, because God does not act by looking at what is happening around him, He looks at the target that is you, and that you begin to act like that too , looking at the objective and not at the circumstances. — Quotes from a Christian

Rosa 2

Don't cry for what you lost, fight for what you have. Don't cry for what is dead, fight for what was born in you. Don't cry for those who abandoned you, fight for those who are by your side. Don't cry for those who hate you, fight for those who want you happy. Don't cry for your past, fight for your present. Don't cry for your suffering, fight for your happiness. It is not easy to be happy, you have to give up many things, make choices and have the courage to take on burdens and rewards to be happy. Over time, we learn that nothing is impossible to solve, just go ahead with whoever you want and fight to be with you. Whoever thinks that wealth and status attract envy is wrong... the people who really envy are the easy smile, the light of their own, the simple and sincere happiness and inner peace. - Pope Francisco

Rosa 3

May all our dreams pass through the hands of God. Let nothing take away the charm of life and the importance of simple things. May our hearts filter all feelings and emotions, and only those that do us good remain. Let nothing limit us, because the wind that blows our wings is called "faith". Our strength comes from God, our hope is in God, and our life is in God's hands. — Yla Fernandez

Rosa 4

God's time has its mysteries, but it is not for us to understand, but to trust. Our time is in a hurry, yours is perfect. Waiting on Him may be the most difficult choice, but God owns time and, as such, determines our tomorrow. Whoever waits in it will never be disappointed, but surprised.

Rosa 5

... Don't just stand there, waiting for others to solve your problems. The world only begins to change when we discover that the most important thing is to change the world that exists within us, which are our attitudes, our fears, our defects. The world awaits you and I wholeheartedly support you. Happy day to everyone! — Leandro Flore

Rosa 6

Jesus! Jesus is the one who sees you, when no one notices you. Jesus is the one who listens to your voice when no one else supports you. Jesus is the light for those who are in darkness. Jesus is the one who loves you, while you never received love. Jesus is the one who makes everything out of nothing.

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